Our first rehearsal with Chugro

Chugro and her Acolytes map out their caroling route!

Chugro is the poetry witch who lives under the earth at Walker Park. She’s very mysterious. All year long, she lives underground memorizing, writing and learning poetry. But once a year, on the day of the winter solstice, she emerges and leads her friends and family throughout Churchill’s Grove neighborhood as they share poetry by Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, bell hooks, Emily Bronte, Edgar Allan Poe, Wendell Berry, Christina Rosseti and more. She’s a lot of fun, that Chugro!

If you’ve read this far, that means you have figured a couple things out. You know that Chugro isn’t *real.* She’s a huge puppet operated by five people. We took her out for a rehearsal this afternoon. It was exhilaraitng to see people smiling and waving at her!

We’ll rehearse again on Tuesday. Wednesday is go time!

We hope to see you at Walker Park at 3:00 on Wednesday. We’ll hand out scripts, hold a quick rehearsal in the park and go poetry caroling in the neighborhood. Join us for this free, fun event! Bring your friends and family and remember to bundle up! And if we can carol at your house, be sure to let me know! Call or text my cell at 779-772-0716 or email me at connievkuntz@gmail.com. Thanks! See you at the #rockfordfringe! -Connie

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