Rockford Fringe takes on 2023 Bloganuary challenge

Fringers poetry-caroling on Rockford’s west side.

Bloganuary is annual writing challenge in which WordPress provides one prompt a day in the month of January. Writers then incorporate said prompt into their daily blog post and tag it with #bloganuary.

You get a cool badge when you participate in Bloganuary!

I did this last year and loved it. The prompts conjured up all kinds of memories, good, bad and ugly, and I met many wonderful literary-minded folk along the way. This year, Jesse is participating and I am so excited. We’d love it if you joined us on this writing journey! It’s free and fun!

Today’s prompt is What is something you want to achieve this year?

That’s simple to answer! The Rockford Fringe wants to achieve another successful fringe festival and another successful poetry caroling event.

Here at the Rockford Fringe, we call ourselves a fully human outdoor experience. All of our performances take place, you guessed it, outside; and we welcome everyone to participate, either onstage, backstage or in the audience.

In the summer, we produce a fringe festival that features outdoor performances of theatre, music, dance and spoken word. In the winter, we produce a poetry caroling event in which we carol Rockford’s west side with poems by Robert Frost, bell hooks, Langston Hughes, Christina Rosseti, Dylan Thomas and more .

We’re planning the 2nd Annual Rockford Fringe Festival for Saturday, July 8, 2023 in Walker Park from Noon – 5:00. Save the date!

And while you’re saving dates, please save Thursday, December 21, 2023 from 3-5 for our 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Poetry Caroling event.

I promise our blog posts won’t just include dates and times of our future events. Going forward, our blog posts will express the fully human outdoor experience that is the Rockford Fringe.

Thanks for reading! See you at the Rockford Fringe. -Connie

Highlights from poetry caroling!

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